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The professional team at D & D Periodontal Associates, P.C., situated in Midtown Manhattan, NYC, wants to officially welcome you to our site and our periodontal /dental implant services. You can visit the office of D & D Periodontal Associates, P.C., at the Rockefeller Center, in Manhattan, NY. We happily provide our services to individuals in Midtown Manhattan, New York City, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Outer Boroughs, and we encourage you to join our growing list of satisfied patients.

D & D Periodontal Associates, P.C. was established by a Dr. Daria Royzman, and Dr. Daniel Royzman: a brother and sister professional team of Board Certified New York Periodontists. D & D Periodontal Associates, P.C. has united with the esteemed practice of Dr. Robert Goldman, an eminent Periodontist in NYC for more than three decades. Thus, when you turn to D & D Periodontal Associates, P.C. for your periodontal needs, you are getting service and treatment from highly qualified individuals, and a remarkably professional team of individuals who truly care about your periodontal health.


What is a Periodontist ?

A Periodontist is an individual that not only successfully completes dental school, but one that uniquely specializes in diseases that affect the gums and teeth by completing three more years of specialized schooling. Capable of treating periodontal disease in both its early and progressive stages, a periodontist can help a patient achieve the maximum benefits associated with good dental health and proper periodontal treatment. Furthermore, we at D & D Periodontal Associates, P.C. are Diplomates of the American Board of Periodonotology, which means that additional advanced study and requirements were met to become board certified periodontists. We are a group of certified and reputable Periodontists specializing in:

Your Medicine May Be Hurting Your Oral Health

New studies are revealing that certain medications may be harmful for one's oral health. It has been estimated that more than 400 different kinds of medicine produce issues with xerostomia, otherwise known as dry mouth. Chronic dry mouth can damage the gums and lead to swollen gums, as well as gingival enlargement. When the gums are swollen and painful, the individual may not brush as well as he or she should, and periodontal disease can result. There are also medicines that contain a...

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