Bite Adjustment and Occlusal Therapy in Midtown Manhattan

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Most of us take it for granted that our teeth will fit together properly and may not notice changes that can occur over time. In fact your bite, or occlusion (Occlusal & Bite Adjustment) is very important as ideally your teeth should all fit together properly when you bite down, ensuring that the forces created during biting and chewing are evenly distributed.


Why is a Correct Bite So Important?

This is important as biting down on one or more teeth before others will place a lot of unwanted stress on those teeth, increasing the risk that they will become chipped or worn. At the same time, these additional forces will also place a lot of stress on the structures supporting your teeth and these include your gums and the bone surrounding your teeth, as well as your jaw joints and the facial muscles responsible for moving your jaws. Most of us don’t have a bite that is exactly perfect but even slight changes can make a considerable difference to your dental health. It is important to take action to minimize damage to your jaw joints and to your teeth, particularly as undue stresses could eventually lead to tooth loss and will mean that any existing periodontal disease or gum disease could become worse.


Do You Really Need a Bite Adjustment?

There are lots of different signs that you may need a bite adjustment and which include having teeth that are fractured or chipped or you may notice they look worn down. Where teeth have become worn they can become more sensitive to hot or cold as the loss of tooth enamel exposes the dentin underneath. It’s possible your teeth will look longer than they used to due to gum recession and in the worst case they may begin to shift position or will even become loose. Any existing dental restoration, for example veneers, crowns, bridges or dental implants may (Read also: Dental Implants Candidate) be affected by an uneven bite and the additional stress on any of these teeth that have been restored may damage these restorations. Another sign is noticing your jaw is quite painful whenever you open or close it or even when you yawn. You might also wake up with more frequent headaches that are difficult to get rid of all your jaw may make a popping or clicking sound whenever you open it.


Getting a Proper Diagnosis for Any Bite Problems

Here at D & D Periodontal Associates, we can quickly diagnose any problems with your bite and will recommend the most suitable course of treatment to remedy these issues. Sometimes it might be a simple as gently reshaping your tooth surfaces so your teeth bite together more evenly. This can be done by removing a tiny amount of tooth enamel in any areas that are slightly high during a procedure that will be painless, quick and safe. If you have any signs of gum disease then we can treat these with the most up-to-date procedures to help eliminate the infection and to repair any damage to your tissues. Any worn or fractured teeth can be carefully restored your teeth will bite together properly. If you have painful jaw joints then it’s possible you may have a condition called bruxism that is caused by clenching and grinding during sleep. This can often be successfully treated with the use of a custom-made night guard that will protect your teeth during sleep.