Mouthguard for Bruxism
Bruxism is characterized by the teeth being tightly clenched or ground against each other during sleep. The condition can be highly destructive, gradually wearing away teeth, sometimes until they are only stumps. In the worst-case bruxism can cause tooth loss and will also affect any dental restorations such as bridge s and dental implants, increasing the risk of failure. It’s very important to treat bruxism and to prevent the teeth from coming into contact during sleep.

Using Nightguards or Mouthguards to Protect the Teeth against Bruxism

A custom-made nightguard or mouthguard is the easiest way to protect teeth against bruxism and can be very effective. There are lots of different types of night guards that can be used but all work in a similar way through preventing the teeth from coming into contact. Sometimes this can be enough to break the habit of bruxism as the jaw is placed in a better position where it is more able to relax.

Custom Made Mouthguard

The procedure to make your custom made mouthguard is very straightforward. We will need to take detailed impressions of your teeth and these will be sent to our dental laboratory along with instructions on the fabrication of your mouthguard. The impressions are used to make your mouthguard so it fits exactly over your teeth and it can be constructed in soft or hard materials. Most are made from a thermoplastic material and are very hard wearing. The mouthguard can be fitted and if necessary adjusted at your next appointment. They do fit quite tightly so you may need to soften your mouthguard slightly in hot water before inserting it. Some people find it slightly difficult to get used to the sensation of wearing a mouthguard and it can be easiest to gradually build up to wearing it overnight. After each use, brush the mouthguard using a little toothpaste and plenty of water. You might want to freshen it up occasionally by sprinkling a little bit of mouthwash inside. Most mouthguards will cover all the upper teeth but some are designed to fit over just a few teeth depending on the type. We will recommend the most suitable type for your bruxism and can offer you plenty of useful advice on getting used to your new nightguard or mouthguard. It is well worth persevering with its use as it will protect your teeth.