Cheap dental implants will NOT last as well as higher quality dental implants. We deal with well-known dental companies producing high quality dental implants that are used throughout the world. Only highest quality dental implants are used to help ensure the success and safety of treatment in our highly specialized dental implant center located in Midtown, New York. Dr. Daniel Royzman and Dr. Daria Royzman are top dental implant surgeons in NYC.

We are internationally recognized as top New York periodontists and dental implant surgeons in Midtown Manhattan. Our research is published in Journal of Periodontology. Our center equipped with latest dental equipment available on the market today, innovative biotechnology and laser machines. We have performed numerous dental implant procedures. Expertise and quality of the dental implants are the key to successful implant procedure.

Dental Implant Cost
Dental Implant Cost
If you have recently lost a tooth or are thinking about replacing loose dentures with dental implants, then you might have wondered about the cost of this treatment. Dental implants are sometimes more expensive than more traditional methods of replacing teeth but costs may be lower in the longer-term as dental implants can last for decades or even for life.

Factors Influencing Dental Implant Costs

The overall cost can depend on a number of different factors which include the dental surgeon chosen for treatment, the type of procedure you require, the number of implants needed and whether any additional treatments are necessary, for example bone grafts. You will need various tests prior to implant surgery which may include a CT scan. These diagnostic tests do add to the overall cost but are essential for planning and carrying out your implant surgery. We can discuss costs with you during your initial examination.

Dental Implants Cost

Do you have an insurance? We will prepare and submit all the required documentation to your insurance company

Prices are also dependent on the type and quality of the dental implant used during treatment. You may see advertisements for cheap dental implants but they might use inferior quality dental implants. These may not last as well as higher quality dental implants and parts can be difficult to replace, particularly if you need to go to another dentist who may not be familiar with a more obscure dental implant system. There are several well-known dental companies producing high quality dental implants that are used throughout the world. These provide superior results as all the components have been extensively tried and tested. Those are the only implant systems we use here, at D & D Periodontal Associates.

Detailed Treatment Plan & Cost Breakdown

We can discuss costs with you during your initial examination. You will be provided with a detailed treatment plan showing a breakdown of all the costs involved. Our office only uses the very highest quality dental implants to help ensure the success and safety of treatment.


At the moment, very few dental insurances will cover the cost of dental implants as treatment is still considered to be cosmetic. It is always worth investigating as even though the cost of inserting the implant post might not be covered, you may well be able to claim some money towards the cost of your replacement crown, bridge or denture. We offer flexible payment plans, and accept long term payments plans via credit companies such as CareCredit. Ask our office staff for details.

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