Denture Stabilization: It Is More Affordable than You Think

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Lots of people wear full dentures to replace all their upper or lower teeth, or all the teeth in their mouth. Nowadays it is possible to create dentures that look wonderful and certainly not false, as modern denture teeth look very natural while the pink acrylic used to replicate gums comes in a huge range of different shades so it can be closely matched to your own gums. Quite often people will find that initially their dentures look and feel great, particularly as replacing multiple missing teeth can often help to rejuvenate appearance by ensuring the facial muscles are fully supported. However this can change after wearing dentures for a few years then they might need denture stabilization.

Common Problems with Dentures

After tooth loss, the jawbone gradually becomes flatter while the bony ridge that held your natural teeth is likely to become narrower due to bone resorption. This can be a real issue for people with full lower dentures as this bony ridge is used to provide the retention required for keeping the denture in place. As a result, dentures can begin to fit more loosely and will move around more frequently, making talking an ordeal and eating can become increasingly problematic. This is where denture stabilization can help.

What is Denture Stabilization?

This is a dental implant procedure that uses just a few well-placed dental implants to secure an entire denture. The denture is constructed with special implant fixtures on the fitting side, the side closest to your gums and these will fit directly onto the dental implants, or onto a bar that has been attached to the implants in your mouth. Whichever method is used, the result is a denture that is held firmly in place and which will be completely stable. You will not need to worry about your dentures moving around while you eat or speak and well-done denture stabilization can make an amazing difference to your overall enjoyment of life and your ability to eat a good diet.

The fact that only a few dental implants are required helps to keep this treatment very affordable. It may be possible to stabilize your denture with as few as four dental implants, although upper dentures do general require more implants to hold them in place.

Careful and Comfortable Treatment – Dental Implants Services in NYC

D&D Periodontal Associates takes tremendous care when planning all dental implant treatments or denture stabilization and every person who comes to see us for this procedure is very carefully assessed. The good news is that most people with missing teeth will be suitable for dental implants, provided they do not have any signs of active dental disease or any health problems that could make healing more difficult. Our periodontists have extensive training and experience in placing dental implants and will ensure they are optimally placed to secure your denture. We know some people are concerned about the surgery required for this treatment, but it is worth not letting this put you off as it is very small and we make sure everyone is kept completely comfortable at all stages during treatment. We will also ensure that you have temporary teeth to wear while the implants heal so you can carry on with everyday life.