Flossing Is an Essential Component of Gum Disease Prevention

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The early form of gum disease, which is known as gingivitis, typically causes inflamed gums that bleed easily, and can also cause problems with bad breath. Without professional treatment from our periodontists, Dr. Daniel and Daria Royzman it could develop into the more severe periodontal infection called periodontitis.

Gum disease is often the result of poor oral hygiene practices that lead to the accumulation of plaque on your teeth. To prevent plaque buildup, you should brush your teeth each morning and night as well as remembering to thoroughly floss at least once each day. There are different varieties of dental floss on the market. Unwaxed dental floss is a simple strand of either extruded monofilament or micro-braided nylon. Some manufactures will apply added flavors to unwaxed floss many sell it unflavored. Waxed dental floss has a special coating that helps you to slide the strand of floss into tight places. It can be especially helpful if you have tightly spaced teeth, braces, or other types of dental work.

You should always look for the American Dental Association’s Seal of Acceptance before purchasing a new brand of dental floss. This ensures that it has been tested and researched, and meets the ADA’s standards for safe and effective oral use.

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