Taking Steps Against Periodontal Disease

What can you do to avoid periodontal disease and the increased risks to your health? Here are some answers for you: Step 1. At-home Care This part is simple and easy to follow. Be sure to brush your teeth at least twice each day for two minutes with a soft-bristled... Read more »

Gum Disease: Age and Gender

While everyone is vulnerable to gum disease–men, women, and children–research has shown that men tend to have a higher risk of gum disease. Why? Perhaps because they are not seeing a dentist regularly or are not as consistent with good oral hygiene habits. Let’s take a closer look at periodontitis... Read more »

Procedures for Treating Gum Disease

Have you been struggling with gum disease and wondering what treatments there are? Exact treatment would depend upon your individual diagnosis, but the possible types of treatment are explained below. Nonsurgical Treatment The first step in treating gum disease is scaling and root planing. During this treatment, the dentist or... Read more »

Why Should You Care About Dental Implants?

If you have great oral health, haven’t ever lost a tooth, or are otherwise not expecting to need restorative dentistry work done, you’re probably wondering why you should care about dental implants. After all, if you’re not going to use them, why bother learning? Well, the truth is you don’t... Read more »

What to Know About Periodontics

If you were stopped on the street today, could you correctly answer why you need periodontics in your life? It’s alright, not many people can. It’s an incredibly valuable - but lesser-known - branch of dentistry that has a ton of huge impacts on your oral health. Dr. Daria Royzman... Read more »

Understanding the Signs of Bruxism

Do you know the signs of bruxism, also known as teeth grinding or teeth clenching? If not, then you have come to the right dental blog! Bruxism is a serious condition that can damage your teeth and oral health. Unfortunately, this condition happens while we sleep at night, so it’s... Read more »

The Unpredictable Ways to Keep Gum Disease at Bay

Gum disease is a serious and dangerous dental issue. In fact, it can destroy your smile and severely alter your oral health if you let it. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent gum disease. The most commonly known ways are to brush twice a day, floss once a day, rinse... Read more »

Gum Disease: Common Questions Asked

If you have questions about gum disease, our dentist, Dr. Daniel and Daria Royzman, is here to give you the answers you’re looking for. The more you know about gum disease, the better, especially because it can help you keep the disease at bay and can help you maintain a... Read more »

Flossing Is an Essential Component of Gum Disease Prevention

The early form of gum disease, which is known as gingivitis, typically causes inflamed gums that bleed easily, and can also cause problems with bad breath. Without professional treatment from our periodontists, Dr. Daniel and Daria Royzman it could develop into the more severe periodontal infection called periodontitis. Gum disease... Read more »

Periodontitis, Gingivitis and Gum Disease: The Basics

Gum disease is also called periodontal disease; it is a major cause of tooth loss among adults in the United States. Its early stages are referred to as gingivitis; advanced stages are very dangerous and called periodontitis. Gum disease is frequently caused by a buildup of plaque on teeth. This... Read more »