Gum Disease: What Can I Do | Specialized Periodontal Treatment

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If you suspect you might have gum disease then please don’t wait for it to improve on its own as specialized periodontal treatment could help to get rid of the very earliest signs of gum disease completely and ideally that is the stage we need to catch it at. Early gum disease, called gingivitis can only cause quite subtle symptoms that can be easy to miss. So what should you be looking out for? Symptoms can include gums that are swollen or red, or which bleed easily when you brush or floss. Your gums may change color, from a nice healthy pink to a darker red and you might develop persistent bad breath. As you can see these signs are quite easy to miss but if you are worried it’s worth booking a periodontal evaluation, NY. Taking action now could save you a lot of trouble, pain and money in the future.

What Are the Advantages in Specialized Periodontal Treatment?

While you can go and see your regular dentist, you’ll get truly specialized periodontal treatment from a periodontist who will have spent years in advanced training in gum conditions. A practice such as D&D Periodontal Associates is fully equipped to offer the most appropriate and up-to-date procedures for gum disease and an experienced periodontist will make sure your treatment is as comfortable as possible. A periodontal evaluation will help determine the extent of any infection in your gums and this detailed examination will enable your periodontist to provide you with a fully customized treatment plan.

What Treatments Are Likely to Be Offered for Early Gum Disease?

Early gum disease usually requires nonsurgical specialized periodontal treatment which is very non-invasive and easy to cope with while being highly effective. Nonsurgical treatment focuses on removing bacterial infection from your gums by either cleaning them with a traditional scale and polish, or by deep cleaning them using a more advanced treatment scaling and root planing.

You are probably already familiar with a traditional scale and polish that would normally be offered at your dentist, but scaling and root planing is more extensive. The early signs of gum disease can cause gums to begin receding, exposing tooth roots. Scaling and root planing will clean any exposed tooth roots as well as your teeth. This helps to remove much of the bacteria causing gum disease but the effect may be enhanced by topical antibiotics that can be placed in any particularly deep gum pockets around your teeth.

How You Can Help Improve Gum Health in NYC

specialized periodontal treatment is only part of the equation and its success depends on your oral hygiene routine at home. Thorough brushing and flossing is essential even though your gums may bleed initially or could feel a bit tender after treatment. With perseverance, your gums can gradually become healthier and stronger and you should notice them returning to a healthy color and that they begin to feel less spongy. It’s worth asking for advice on how to brush and floss more effectively as often changing your technique even slightly can make a considerable difference to your gum health.