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Your gum tissues are quite strong and resilient when healthy, but they can begin to recede over the years. This can be a problem for your overall gum health and can look less than wonderful from an aesthetic point of view, but there is a good solution and that is to learn about gum graft advantages.

Gum Graft Advantages: Why Do Gums Recede?

Some people will develop receding gums as a result of being over-enthusiastic with the toothbrush. It is possible to brush your teeth too hard which will gradually wear away your gums, not to mention tooth enamel. Quite a few people don’t realize this can happen and assume that scrubbing very hard at their teeth and gums is the best way to keep them strong and healthy. The opposite is true as you really do not need to brush very hard because effective tooth brushing is more down to using a soft to medium bristled toothbrush combined with great technique.

If you have had gum disease that is quite far advanced then you will notice your gums have pulled away from your teeth, making it appear as if your teeth are quite a bit longer than they really are.

Why Cover Up Exposed Gums?

Your gums are only meant to expose the crown of a tooth, but if they recede then the roots of your teeth will become uncovered. This presents a problem for both the appearance of your teeth and for your dental health. Tooth roots are not protected with tooth enamel and can soon become decayed, while teeth that look too long won’t look as attractive as teeth that are framed with the correct amount of gum tissue. By develop a gum graft advantages you will be protecting your dental health while improving the appearance of your smile.

Finding out More about Gum Grafting Techniques

Your first step is to visit a periodontal dental office in NY, for example D&D Periodontal Associates. During your first visit, a periodontist who is a dentist specializing in gums, will assess the current condition of your gum tissues and will determine the reason for their recession. If you still have active gum disease then this will need to be treated before you have to learn all of the gum graft advantages. Once your gums are healthy, then the next step will be to determine the best treatment plan and to decide where the gum graft will come from. There are various ways gum tissue can be grafted as it can be taken from another location in your mouth, or it might be artificial. This is where a periodontist can provide truly expert advice and care and they will ensure you get the most appropriate solution for your needs. If the gum tissue is coming from inside your mouth then there are a couple of techniques that can be used. One is to take tissue from the roof of your mouth, while another is to leave the gum tissue attached at one end, nearby to the area where it is deficient and to simply stretch it into position before stitching it in place. Other times special regenerative materials can be used to restore lost gum tissue. Healing is usually pretty quick and afterwards your gums should look much nicer and your dental health will be improved.