How Periodontal Care Could Help Lower Your Medical Bills

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Healthy gums provide essential support for your teeth and without them you are in danger of your teeth becoming loose enough to require extraction, or they may even fall out on their own. With advanced periodontal disease, tooth loss is a real risk and might be unavoidable even with the most advanced periodontal care from a periodontist who specializes in treating gums. For most people, the threat of tooth loss is enough to make them sit up and take notice but there is another equally important reason for wanting to have strong and healthy gums, as it can help to protect your general health and may lead to lower medical bills.

The savings can be considerable and research carried out a few years ago into the financial impact of gum disease on diabetics, found that those who received proper treatment for their gum disease were able to reduce their medical bills by around $2,500 annually. The savings were even higher for men. Researchers found that people who received proper periodontal care and who attended all their follow-up appointments were enjoying lower medical bills some two years later, compared with another group of people who received initial care for periodontal disease but who failed to keep up with regular on-going treatment as recommended by their periodontist.


Good On-Going Periodontal Care can Save Money on Medical Bills

Periodontal disease is a very serious disease that has been found to have an impact on general health. This particular study looked at diabetics with periodontal disease as diabetics often struggle to maintain good dental health and are more at risk of developing periodontal disease than people without this condition. The side effects of having diabetes can be severe, as often people may be too ill to work and they can have serious health complications.

Someone with periodontal disease is more at risk of developing diabetes and it can make things much worse for someone who already has this condition. The reason why lies in the inflammatory nature of advanced periodontal disease, combined with the ability of bacteria that cause this condition to travel freely around the body in the bloodstream, as bleeding gums are a common characteristic of gum disease. This ability to get into the bloodstream makes it more difficult for diabetics to control their blood sugar levels and poorly controlled diabetes increases the amount of glucose in saliva, feeding the bacteria that cause gum disease. Periodontal disease has also been linked with many other health conditions including rheumatoid arthritis, heart disease and stroke as well as some cancers so it makes sense to look after your gums with good periodontal care.


Making Sure You Have Healthy Gums

Here at D&D Periodontal Associates, we have the very latest and most advanced treatments to help eradicate or control gum disease and to ensure you can enjoy the very best level of  gum health and all its benefits for overall health. If we recommend an ongoing treatment plan that includes preventative care, then it is important to stick to this to make sure you retain the benefits of your periodontal treatment for gum disease and to help control it or prevent it from returning.