Is it Possible to Cure Advanced Gum Disease?

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Here at D&D Periodontal Associates, we are able to use the very latest procedures to treat active gum disease, but unfortunately it is not always possible to completely cure it. Advanced gum disease, a condition called chronic periodontitis is extremely destructive. It will not only destroy the gum tissue around your teeth, but will also attack the other structures surrounding your teeth which include the ligaments and bone. With advanced gum disease, we try to eradicate as much of the bacterial infection as possible, giving your gums a better chance of healing. We can also use various procedures to help rebuild and to replace gum tissue and bone lost to this disease. However, if you have chronic periodontitis then it might not be possible to completely eradicate all the bacteria but and instead we will focus on controlling it. If this is the case, we can provide you with a treatment plan focused on periodontal maintenance.

What Is Periodontal Maintenance and Prophylaxis?

When you have healthy gums then your dentist will provide you with a scale and polish or a prophylaxis at six monthly intervals. This is a treatment designed to maintain good gum health and is for people who do not have periodontitis. In contrast, periodontal maintenance is quite different and is designed to help people who have advanced gum disease. The aim of periodontal maintenance is to keep this disease under control and if you have been provided with a periodontal maintenance treatment plan then it’s essential that you keep up with your appointments as otherwise any treatment you have already received will be ineffectual in the longer term.

Gum Disease Treatment Can Prevent Tooth Loss

This will probably mean you need to come and see us at three monthly intervals. This isn’t a number that has been picked out of a hat but instead is based on the fact that periodontal pathogens that cause advanced gum disease to become the most dominant species of bacteria in the mouth in between three and 12 weeks. By the time it gets to 12 weeks, it’s important that we work on reducing their numbers. It has been shown that people who continue with treatment for active periodontal disease at appropriate intervals are far less likely to lose teeth compared to those who do not continue with their periodontal maintenance plan.

Advanced Gum Disease Treatment at D&D Periodontal Associates

During a periodontal cleaning, we will specifically target bacteria, plaque and tartar buildup to help bring down bacterial numbers. A periodontal maintenance cleaning is far more extensive than a normal scale and polish and it also allows us to see how well you are doing with your periodontal health in between treatments. This enables us to make any necessary changes to your treatment plan so we can continue to control your chronic periodontitis. During your appointment, it’s a great idea to ask us any questions you might have about your oral home care routine, including brushing and flossing and the use of other oral health care tools such as interdental brushes, soft picks and water picks.