Make Periodontal Evaluation ( CPE ) Your New Year’s Resolution

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Periodontitis is a bacterial infection that affects the gums and associated structures including ligaments and the bone surrounding your teeth. It is incredibly common. Figures from the CDC make pretty grim reading as between 2009 and 2012 a study found that 46% of adults in the United States had periodontitis and 8.9% had periodontitis that was classified as being severe. In spite of all this bad news, you don’t have to periodontitis and regular periodontal evaluation ( CPE) can help you protect your gum health.

CPE Protects Your General Health

The really good news is that good gum health will help reduce your risk of tooth loss and it protects your general health so you may enjoy lower medical bills and healthy gums are well worth the effort. The great news is that it isn’t even that difficult to have strong disease-free gums and it is very simple to maintain good oral health.

Preventative Dental Care for Healthy Gums

You will have probably heard all this before, but preventative dental care is the best and cheapest way to have healthy gums. Regular comprehensive periodontal evaluation ( CPE ) by a periodontist, backed up regular dental care from a general dentist are the easiest way to get and maintain great teeth and healthy gums. Many people don’t realize that an appointment at a periodontal practice, for example D&D Periodontal Associates can be booked by anyone and you don’t need to wait for a referral from your general dentist. This can be an especially wise course of action if you have ever had gum problems in the past or are at higher risk of developing gum disease, perhaps because of a medical condition. In this case you may wish to book a CPE.


What is a Comprehensive Periodontal Evaluation?

A CPE will include an extensive examination of your gums. Your periodontist will take precise measurement using a special probe that is gently inserted into the tiny gap in between your teeth and your gums. They will measure the depth of this space and these measurements will be carefully recorded so subsequent visits will show gum disease progression or hopefully improvement of any disease that might be present. A normal healthy gum will have a depth of approximately 3mm and a depth of 5mm or more may require further investigation or treatment.

At the same time, the condition of your teeth, including plaque build-up, your jawbone structure and your bite will also be evaluated. Other information will also be used to assess your risk. Known risk factors include smoking, diabetes, cardiovascular disease (Read also: Heart Attacks and Periodontal Disease) and your age and family history of periodontitis. This information, along with the information provided by your CPE will all be very carefully assessed and if necessary can help plan any possible treatments.

This high level of professional dental care, when combined with good oral care at home and a healthy diet, will help to reduce your risk of periodontitis so you can hopefully enjoy healthy gums for life. If any problems do arise, then you’ll be able to receive professional treatment that much sooner, which is essential for preventing long-term damage to your oral health and your general health.