Natural Looking Smile | Choice for Restoring Lost Teeth

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If you are faced with tooth loss or have already lost one or more teeth, then your dentist will have talked to you about possible replacements. They have almost certainly mentioned dental implants but perhaps they didn’t fully explain why these could be the best choice for restoring lost teeth. There are several benefits to choosing this treatment (Read about: Dental Implants: Procedure & Process, NYC).


Restoring Lost Teeth with Implant Dentist

Most people, when considering their options for restoring lost teeth will be interested in the aesthetic benefits. This is where dental implants can excel, particularly when you only need to replace a single missing tooth . When using implants to replace just a single tooth, the implant crown will look as if it is a natural tooth emerging from the gums, creating an effect that is difficult to beat. When it comes to implant supported bridges and dentures, the overall effect can look wonderful, particularly with today’s modern dental materials that create lifelike teeth.


Teeth That Feel Just like Your Own

Dental implant supported teeth are incredibly stable and strong. This means you will be able to eat all your favorite foods without fear of your teeth moving around as they would with an ordinary denture and you’ll find you can bite and chew perfectly normally. Restoring lost teeth with properly placed dental implants that support well-made implant crowns, bridges or dentures will make it easy to forget that you ever lost any of your natural teeth.


Long-Lasting Results with Dental Implants

It’s true that treatment can take a bit longer to complete, particularly if you need any additional procedures such as a bone graft, but it’s worth remembering that the results can be very long-lasting. Over time your dental implants could prove to be a more economical choice when restoring lost teeth, particularly when replacing just a single tooth. Provided you care for your dental implants there is the potential that they will last for many years without any problems and here at D&D Periodontal Associates, the idea is that hopefully they will last you for life.


Better for Your Dental Health

This should probably be one of the top reasons for thinking about dental implants as they can often be the best possible option for your dental health. The reason being is that dental implants will help preserve your jawbone. After natural teeth are extracted your jawbone will gradually lose width and height and this has a destabilizing effect on your remaining teeth and can make it very difficult for denture wearers.

There’s a reason why dental implants are often regarded as being the gold standard for replacing lost teeth and if you are interested we’d like to invite you to come and see us for a consultation. This is your chance to find out if dental implants are in fact the best choice for you, which implant system will be best and what to expect during and after dental implant treatment. We know that for many people, making this decision can be tricky which is why we want you to have all the information you might need for a fully informed choice.