Older Adults and Oral Health Problems

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Good gum health is important at any age, but unfortunately many seniors will struggle with oral health and quite a few of those over the age of sixty will have lost at least some of their natural teeth. Seniors can face different oral health problems to younger people and one of the contributing factors towards poor oral health is dry mouth or xerostomia. This can often be caused by taking prescription and over-the-counter drugs, many of which are more likely to be taken by seniors. A lack of saliva not only be extremely uncomfortable, but also creates optimal conditions for mouth bacteria, increasing the likelihood of tooth decay and gum disease, both of which can lead to tooth loss.

Seniors Oral Health Problems

Another problem can be a decrease in appetite or a lack of interest in eating a good balanced diet. As a result some seniors may find it more difficult to fight off infection and to heal. This can be a particular issue with seniors who have teeth in poor condition or who are missing multiple teeth and find it difficult to eat more nutrient dense fruits and vegetables, preferring to stick to soft, easy to chew foods. Poor dental hygiene can lead to poor gum health, increasing the risk of heart disease and diabetes, both of which can have a significant effect on oral health problems and well-being. Then there is the effect of tooth loss on self-esteem and self-confidence.

Why You Should Seek Proper Periodontal Care

This is when visiting a good periodontist can help tremendously. A periodontal practice such as D&D Periodontal Associates can provide specialized dental care to treat any gum conditions. Gum disease is an extremely serious condition and it is essential to make sure that you receive the correct treatment to help eliminate mouth bacteria and to prevent any further destruction of gum tissues. Our advanced treatments utilize the very latest techniques and can be useful in reconstructing tissues destroyed by gum disease. By treating any gum or other oral health problems you may have, our periodontists can make it more comfortable for you to eat properly and we can also address any problems created by missing teeth.

Dental Implants for Older Patients

One common misconception is that dental implants are just for young people when in fact they can be hugely useful for older people who are missing multiple teeth. Age certainly isn’t a problem provided you have reasonable dental and general health. Dental implants can have an advantageous effect, protecting any remaining natural teeth and preventing any further bone loss in your jaw that commonly occurs after tooth loss, particularly when periodontal disease is to blame. Our practice can soon evaluate you for dental implants before recommending the most suitable system to use. If you currently wear dentures then dental implants could be a great solution for your oral health problems. They can be used to stabilize loose dentures or even to replace them completely with a fixed arch of teeth. Dental implants can also be a good solution if you are missing one or multiple teeth and can be used to support bridges or single implant crowns.