Bone Grafting
Bone Grafting
In the past, treatment for periodontal disease may have saved teeth, but could result in the exposure of tooth roots. This is because the aim of periodontal treatment is to reduce the deep gum pockets that develop around teeth and which can allow harmful bacteria to thrive.

These deep pockets are also very difficult to keep clean which is why it is so important that they are made shallower during treatment, and to try to encourage the gums to fit more tightly around the teeth so bacteria are less able to thrive and destroy even more gum, bone and connective tissues.

Nowadays the advancement of modern techniques and materials has enabled periodontists to use minimally invasive procedures to help regenerate lost tissues, including bone, periodontal ligaments and gum tissue. This can be achieved by using special membranes that help direct the growth of these new tissues and which can be used in combination with other treatments including bone grafts and the use of tissue stimulating proteins.

Guided Bone or Tissue Regeneration Procedure

During this surgical procedure we will thoroughly clean out your gum pockets before carefully placing the membrane in between the soft tissues and your bone. At this stage we can also use additional treatments such as a bone graft or special material that encourages the production of new tissue cells.

The use of a barrier membrane helps ensure the new tissue grows in the correct area, so for example you will not have too much new gum tissue in an area where you really need more new bone as bone is slower growing than gum tissue. Over time, the membrane is gradually absorbed by the body as it continues to regenerate new tissues.

During this time it is important to follow our instructions exactly. We will tell you the type of foods that can be safely eaten after surgery and can advise you on the best way to look after the surgery site. Adhering to these instructions will greatly increase the effectiveness of your guided tissue regeneration.

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