Surgical Periodontal Treatment

Surgical Periodontal TreatmentPeriodontists are able to offer a range of complex surgical periodontal treatments, some of which provide cosmetic effects while others can prepare the mouth for dental implants or will repair the damage caused by periodontal disease.
If you need teeth extraction then we can gently remove them while preserving as much of the bony socket as possible, as this is particularly important if you require dental implants.

Bone Grafts

We can carry out a number of different bone grafts to help repair tissues that may have been destroyed by disease. It is possible to increase the width or height of the bony ridge that used to support teeth in preparation for dental implants or to increase the amount of bone available near the sinus cavities as it often tends to be thinner in these areas.

While bone grafts may increase the overall time required for dental implants, they help ensure the overall success of treatment and can improve the final aesthetics. It is vitally important for implants to be surrounded by several millimeters of healthy, strong bone and we only use the most up-to-date grafting techniques and materials.

Repair Gum Tissues

We can also provide gum grafting treatment to repair gum tissues. These can be useful in cases where gums have receded, exposing the tooth roots or may be used to give better aesthetics for dental implants.

Gummy Smile Treatment

Some patients have the opposite problem and have excess gum tissue creating what’s known as a gummy smile. In this case we can carry out comfortable procedures to remove the excess tissue, creating a more aesthetically pleasing smile.

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