Preparation for Dental Implants: Sinus Lift Procedure

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If you have recently investigated the possibility of having dental implants, then you might have been told you need a sinus lift for surgery to be successful. This may sound slightly alarming, but it really is nothing to be concerned about. Sinus lifts are frequently carried out in preparation for dental implants, so you can be sure this technique is tried and tested and provides highly predictable results. Our periodontists here at D&D Periodontal Associates are very experienced in performing sinus lift procedure and will ensure you are comfortable right throughout treatment. So why is sinus lift surgery necessary?

Why You Might Need a Sinus Lift Procedure

Sinus lift procedure is carried out in preparation for dental implants to replace back teeth that are missing in your upper jaw. This is the area closest to your sinuses which are air filled cavities just above your upper jaw bone. Generally the jawbone in this area tends to be thinner and if you lost teeth quite some time ago then the bone may have reabsorbed making the problem even worse. As you age, your sinus cavities also become larger. A sinus lift is a straightforward procedure that will add additional bone to the area just below your sinuses.

Preparation for Sinus Lift Surgery

Before you can have this sinus lift procedure we will need to carry out a number of diagnostic tests that include dental x-rays and a CT scan. This will show us precisely where we need to add the additional bone and it also helps us pinpoint where other important structures in your jawbone are located such as nerves and blood vessels. The actual bone used during surgery is likely to be artificial and will contain special growth proteins designed to stimulate your body to produce more bone. Alternatively we can use bone from your body but this does mean a small surgical procedure to remove the bone is required.

What Will Happen during a Sinus Lift?

During your sinus lift procedure we will need to expose the jawbone so we can create a very small opening in the bone. This will allow us to access the membrane that lies in between your jawbone and your sinus cavities. The next step is to carefully “lift” the membrane upwards, creating additional space for your jawbone. This area is then packed with the bone grafting material and will be closed up and left to heal. Sometimes it might be possible to place your dental implant the same time if you only require a tiny amount of bone. Otherwise your bone graft will need several months healing time as we will want to make sure it is fully integrated with your natural jawbone and is strong enough to support a dental implant before we go ahead with your surgery.

There really is no need to worry about this surgery as it is extremely successful and we do plan every single stage very thoroughly. All this preplanning helps ensure that when it comes to the actual surgery, it will proceed smoothly and as quickly as possible.