Tooth Grinding & Jaw Clenching

Due to the damage caused by bruxism, there are various signs and bruxism symptoms which can indicate this condition. The most frequent include:

  • Tooth grinding or clenching which can create enough noise to awaken your sleeping partner
  • You may begin to notice your teeth look shorter or more worn than before and they might become fractured or chipped
  • Extensive bruxism can cause teeth to loosen
  • Your teeth might become more sensitive to hot and cold and this is due to worn tooth enamel exposing the inner layers of the tooth
  • Your jaw may make a popping or clicking sound when you try to open or close it and it might be continually painful or sore
  • Your jaw muscles may feel tight or tired
  • You could feel as if you have earache, even though the problem isn’t actually to do with your ears
  • You could frequently wake up with a dull headache that begins in your temples and which is very difficult to get rid of
  • You might frequently bite the inside of your cheeks or your tongue

As you can see, the Bruxism Symptoms are quite extensive but you should make an appointment to come and see us if your teeth look particularly worn or damaged or feel more sensitive than before. It’s also worth booking an appointment if you have pain in your jaw, facial muscles or ear, or if you have difficulty in opening or moving your jaw.