Looking for top dental implant specialist in NYC? We are internationally recognized top New York periodontists and dental implant surgeons in Midtown Manhattan. Our research is published in Journal of Periodontology. Our center equipped with latest dental equipment available on the market today, innovative biotechnology and laser machines. We have performed numerous dental implant procedures. We carefully plan the surgery to ensure the implants are inserted in exactly the right location.

We can determine the quality and quantity of your jawbone, determine your dental health and a discuss your general health. We try to ‘load’ dental implants soon after surgery. In rare cases the implants must be left undisturbed for several months. 

Our highly specialized dental implant center located in Midtown, New York. Dr. Daniel Royzman and Dr. Daria Royzman are top dental implant surgeons in NYC.

Dr. Daniel Royzman

  • Harvard School of Dental Medicine.
  • New York University College of Dentistry
  • Brandeis University
  • Professor Columbia university College of dental medicine.
  • Published in prestigious dental journals.
  • Lectured on periodontal therapy and implant surgery both nationaly and internationally


Dr. Daria Royzman

  • Graduate of University of Pennsylvania.
  • Graduate of New York University College of Dentistry
  • Lectured on periodontal therapy and implant surgery nationally.
  • Former president of New York Chapter of the American Association of Women Dentists

Most people will think very carefully before deciding to have dental implant surgery and it is equally important to choose your dental implant specialist carefully. While your local dentist might offer dental implants, they might not necessarily be the best choice. Often general dentists will refer dental implant patients a properly trained periodontist for surgery, only completing treatment by providing the restoration.

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Successful Dental Implant Procedure

In order for a dental implant to be successful, it must be planned and placed very carefully. This requires a great deal of expertise and experience so it does pay to investigate the credentials of your chosen implant dentist quite carefully.

Periodontists are Dental Specialists

Periodontists are dental specialists with 3 years of specialty training after dental school, specifically focused on implant placement. This makes them highly qualified to place dental implants. When considering an implant dentist, ask the following questions:

  • How long have they been working with dental implants?
  • How much additional training do they have?
  • How many dental implants do they place annually and what is their success rate?
  • Are there any photographs and testimonials from satisfied patients?
  • How long will the procedure take?
  • What type of dental implants will be used?

It is vital to find out how long a dentist has been working with dental implants as experience really does matter. It takes a great deal of skill to place an implant so it will look natural and is able to function like a real tooth. This skill is carefully honed with experience.

Good Dental Implant Dentist

A good dental implant dentist is interested and committed enough to have received additional training and will attend continuing education course to make sure this knowledge is kept up-to-date. Dental implant technology is evolving all the time so education is vital.

Reputable Dental Specialist

A reputable dentist will be more than happy to discuss their success rate and the number of dental implant surgeries performed annually and should have photographs and testimonials to back this up. It is also important to make sure you know what type of dental implants will be used and to get an estimate of the time required for completing treatment.

Best Dental Implant Specialist

Be smart. Ask questions. Verify dental implant specialist reputation.
Ideally, you should choose an implant dentist who is trained to use several types of dental implants so they can choose the best system for your needs rather than trying to make do with the one system they are familiar with using. Make sure they use good quality dental implants from reputable dental companies. This will help ensure your implant lasts a long while and can be helpful if you ever need repairs from another dentist, perhaps in another country.

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