We are top Gingivitis specialists in NYC. We can help you to treat Gingivitis, remove the infection before it progresses into a more serious condition and eventually causes tooth loss. If tooth roots are already exposed and have large amounts of tartar or hardened calculus we recommend periodontal scaling and root planing treatment in combination with topical antibiotics to eliminate even more bacteria.

In our highly specialized Manhattan periodontal center we use latest dental equipment available on the market today and provide highly personalized and comprehensive Gum Disease Treatment. D&D Periodontal & Implant Surgery Center located in Midtown Manhattan, under management of internationally recognized Board Certified NYC PeriodontistDr. Daniel Royzman and Dr. Daria Royzman, offer best periodontal and dental implants procedures to patients from New York City area. 

Gingivitis is incredibly common and will affect most Americans to some degree, in their lifetime, but this doesn’t have to be the case. It is important to be aware of this disease, including symptoms and how to avoid it and treatment to help cure gingivitis.

What is Gingivitis?

Gingivitis is caused by bacteria in the mouth infecting the gums. These bacteria are found in dental plaque which is the sticky film that will gradually develop over a long day, in between regular tooth brushing. You might be able to feel this biofilm when you run your tongue over your teeth. Everyone’s mouth contains bacteria and most are regularly removed through brushing and flossing which gets rid of plaque.

What If Plaque is Not Removed

If plaque is not removed then it will harden into calculus or tartar that produces toxins that gradually inflame and infect the gums. Most cases of gingivitis will develop due to lax oral hygiene, but some people are more at risk of developing gum disease, perhaps due to having a compromised immune system or some other health problem. Others are genetically more at risk of developing gum disease.

Gingivitis develop into Periodontitis if Ignored

Gingivitis can be insidious as it often causes very few symptoms that are easy to ignore. As such, it may develop into a much more serious form of gum disease, the disease called periodontitis. This is incredibly destructive, as it can destroy the gum tissue and bone surrounding the teeth, as well as, the ligaments which hold teeth in place. In addition, periodontal disease can affect general health, so it is vitally important to keep your gums as healthy as possible and to avoid gingivitis.

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