We are top Gingivitis specialists in NYC. We can help you to treat Gingivitis, remove the infection before it progresses into a more serious condition and eventually causes tooth loss. If tooth roots are already exposed and have large amounts of tartar or hardened calculus we recommend periodontal scaling and root planing treatment in combination with topical antibiotics to eliminate even more bacteria.

In our highly specialized Manhattan periodontal center we use latest dental equipment available on the market today and provide highly personalized and comprehensive Gum Disease Treatment. D&D Periodontal & Implant Surgery Center located in Midtown Manhattan, under management of internationally recognized Board Certified NYC PeriodontistDr. Daniel Royzman and Dr. Daria Royzman, offer best periodontal and dental implants procedures to patients from New York City area. 

If your gums are swollen, sore and bleeding you might be tempted to ignore them until they heal up. However, this could be the worst thing you could do!

What Causes Gums to Bleed?

The bleeding and inflammation is caused by plaque bacteria infecting your gums. These bacteria thrive in the warm moist environment in your mouth and they have a constant food supply to help them multiply. Initially the immune system tries to fight back which results in the gums becoming inflamed.

As Numbers of Bacterium Increase, Gums Become More Inflamed

As the numbers of bacterium increase, the body’s immune system is eventually unable to cope and the gums become more and more inflamed and are more likely to bleed when brushed. Treatment involves removing as much of this infection as possible so your immune system is more able to cope and can fight the bacteria.

Treating Bleeding, Sore, Swollen Gums

Gingivitis is usually quite easy to treat and involves a combination of good dental hygiene at home combined with professional dental care from our dentist. Initially your gingivitis will be treated with a thorough professional dental cleaning to remove as much of the infection as possible. This gives your body a chance to fight back and enables the gums to begin the process of healing.

Don’t Ignore Your Dental Hygiene at Home

This is only part of the treatment as it is vital you don’t ignore your dental hygiene at home. We will give you plenty of advice and practical help on looking after your teeth and gums at home, including information on how to brush and floss properly. You will need to brush your teeth at least twice a day for two minutes each time and you must floss once a day, preferably last thing at night so you go to bed with a clean mouth. Initially your gums may bleed and you might find flossing a little uncomfortable. It’s important to persevere as this will help clear up the infection and eventually you gums will stop bleeding.

Mild gum disease can often be cleared up in just a few weeks but it’s important to remain vigilant to prevent a recurrence. Regular checkups, professional cleanings, and increased oral hygiene at home should be sufficient to maintain your healthy gums.

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