We are top Gingivitis specialists in NYC. We can help you to treat Gingivitis, remove the infection before it progresses into a more serious condition and eventually causes tooth loss. If tooth roots are already exposed and have large amounts of tartar or hardened calculus we recommend periodontal scaling and root planing treatment in combination with topical antibiotics to eliminate even more bacteria.

In our highly specialized Manhattan periodontal center we use latest dental equipment available on the market today and provide highly personalized and comprehensive Gum Disease Treatment. D&D Periodontal & Implant Surgery Center located in Midtown Manhattan, under management of internationally recognized Board Certified NYC PeriodontistDr. Daniel Royzman and Dr. Daria Royzman, offer best periodontal and dental implants procedures to patients from New York City area. 

It is Possible to Reverse Gum Disease

It is possible to reverse gum disease but only if you catch it soon enough. This is why it’s important to recognize the signs of early gum disease so you can take action as soon as possible. If you notice your gums are bleeding during brushing or flossing or that perhaps they look red or swollen, book an appointment to come and see us as soon as you can. We can treat your gums to remove the infection, reversing the early signs of gum disease.

Steps to Reverse Gum Disease

Your first step should be to book an appointment with our dentist for a proper checkup and diagnosis. We will examine your gums, gently probing them to assess the degree of infection. This helps us detect any pockets that may be developing around your teeth, where the gums have begun to pull away, and infected gums will bleed slightly when probed. We may also wish to take dental x-rays as this will show us how far the disease has progressed. Early gum disease can normally be treated with a professional gum cleaning that is merely a conventional scale and polish. During this treatment we will scale your teeth using special hand instruments to scrape away the hardened tartar causing the infection.

Improving Your Oral Hygiene at Home

Afterwards you will need to take steps to improve your oral hygiene routine and we can help by providing advice and practical information on how to brush and floss properly. We find many people brush and floss automatically without really thinking about how they are carrying out this essential task and it is all too easy to miss some areas. Often a few instructions on how to improve your oral hygiene at home, is all that’s required. It is important to make sure you brush at least twice a day and don’t skip flossing. Initially it is likely that your gums will bleed due to the infection and inflammation. Regular brushing will help ensure plaque bacteria are removed so your body has a chance to fight back and heal your gums. Over time you’ll notice your gums begin to bleed less frequently and in just a few weeks they should stop bleeding altogether and will look and feel much healthier.

For more information about Gingivitis or Gum Disease Treatment in NYC talk to top periodontists best specialists Dr. Daniel Royzman and Dr. Daria Royzman or contact our Manhattan, NYC center: 212-759-7763