Deep Periodontal Gum Pockets

Ideally, your gums should fit snugly around your teeth, but when you have periodontal disease the tissues supporting your teeth, including your gums and bone are gradually destroyed.

This results in deep Periodontal Gum Pockets, called periodontal pockets forming. Unfortunately, periodontal pockets are the perfect home for collecting even more bacteria, resulting in further tissue and bone loss. If the disease is allowed to progress then the teeth will eventually need to be extracted.

When you visit us for treatment we will measure the depth of your periodontal pockets using a special probe. One of the problems with periodontal pockets is that they are too deep to be cleaned easily which is why they need to be reduced.

Periodontal Pocket Reduction Procedure

During a periodontal pocket reduction procedure, the gum tissue will be folded back so we can access the inside of the pocket. The treatment involves removing as much of the disease causing bacteria as possible before the gum tissue is replaced and sutured back in position. Sometimes we may smooth off irregular root and bone surfaces that have been damaged by this disease as this reduces the areas where bacteria can hide. Afterwards, the gum tissue will be much more able to heal and can reattach to the healthy bone.

Reduce Pocket Depth to Prevent Periodontal Disease

It is important to reduce pocket depth and to eliminate existing bacteria in order to prevent the progression of periodontal disease. This treatment alone would not be sufficient to prevent the disease from recurring so it’s important to combine this therapy with a rigorous daily oral hygiene routine and any professional maintenance we may recommend, for example, regular scaling and root planing treatments or periodontal cleaning. You may also hear periodontal pocket reduction surgery referred to as flap surgery as the gum tissue is flapped or lifted backwards away from the bone during treatment.

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