Periodontal disease can cause different symptoms as the disease progresses. One of the main problems with periodontal or gum disease may be the lack of any apparent symptoms in some people.

Consequently the disease can be easy to ignore, often until it has progressed significantly and is causing more unpleasant and difficult to treat problems such as tooth or jaw pain, bite problems or a periodontal abscess.

Periodontal disease has symptoms which include:

  • Swollen gums
  • The gum tissue can appear bright red or even purple
  • Your gums may feel tender when touched
  • You might notice your teeth look longer than normal as the gums begin to recede or pull away from your teeth
  • Spaces can develop in between your teeth as they become loose and begin to move
  • Pus can develop in the pockets or gaps in between your teeth and gums
  • You may have persistent bad breath
  • You may have a persistent unpleasant taste in your mouth
  • You might notice your teeth begin to fit together slightly differently as they move and shift position
  • Your teeth may become loose

When to Take Action

Healthy gums are firm to the touch and should be a nice pale pink. They will fit tightly around your teeth and will not bleed when brushed. If your gums appear puffy or red, bleed easily or show any other signs of periodontal disease, then book an appointment with our dental office.

Infection and Inflammation
The infection and inflammation will gradually spread deeper into your gums, eventually affecting the other structures supporting your teeth. These structures include the ligaments that are attached to your tooth roots and to the tooth socket.

Bone Surrounding Your Teeth
Periodontal disease can also affect the bone surrounding your teeth, literally eating away at the sockets. When this happens then you may lose these teeth as they will have very little support to keep them in place.

The sooner you seek professional dental care, the better your chances of reversing the damage caused by this disease. You’ll also reduce the chances of periodontitis potentially causing serious health problems.

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