A Relatively Quick and Simple Procedure

Gum recontouring is a common procedure in which excess gum tissue is trimmed away, exposing the teeth underneath. This is a quick and relatively comfortable treatment that can easily correct a gummy smile.

Before gum recontouring procedure
Our periodontist will carefully plan treatment beforehand, deciding how much excess gum tissue must be removed and for which teeth. Sometimes it’s not necessary to treat all the upper front teeth and often only minimal amounts of tissue need to be removed to create a more pleasing and even gum line.

Gum Recontouring Procedure
Treatment is normally carried out under a local anaesthetic. As well as trimming away excess gum tissue, the gums are also recontoured. If necessary, some of the underlying bone can also be removed to help create a more pleasing final effect. This part of the procedure has to be extremely precise in order to create the best effect.

After Recontouring Procedure
Afterwards the healing process should be quite quick and simple and it’s likely that there will only be minor swelling and discomfort. You may need to wait a while to see the full effects of treatment as the gums gradually heal and at this stage we can do a few minor touch-ups to get the most perfect results if necessary.

Using Crowns and Veneers to Perfect the Results

Sometimes we will fit crowns and veneers after gum recontouring as this helps to protect any exposed tooth surfaces and it can be the finishing touch to creating a more cosmetically pleasing smile. We may also recommend porcelain crowns if this treatment has been carried out to a tooth that was substantially broken down, perhaps due to trauma or disease.

If there is insufficient tooth exposed then sometimes it is necessary to lengthen the tooth by cutting back the gum tissue and bone in order to be able to crown it successfully.

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