When you smile, do you notice you show more gum tissue than you’d prefer? Does it appear as if your upper teeth are too short in comparison to the amount of gum tissue shown when smiling? If the answer is yes, then you may have what’s called a “gummy smile.” A gummy smile can negatively affect the appearance of your teeth, but is generally easily corrected.

Gummy Smile Causes
A gummy smile can be caused by several different things which include:

It is possible for the excess of gum tissue to be caused by your upper teeth having interrupted abnormally. In this case, teeth will appear too short because they are covered up by excess gum tissue. If the teeth were to be uncovered, they may actually be the correct length.

The muscles controlling the movement of your upper lip may be hyperactive, which would cause your upper lip to be pulled back further than is necessary. When this occurs, more of your gum tissue will be exposed, although your teeth may already be the correct length.

Sometimes the upper jaw will fail to develop correctly, giving the appearance of a gummy smile. This might be the case if there is an excessive protrusion or bulge in the upper jaw underneath the gum tissue.

Identifying Possible Cause
If you think your smile is too gummy, book an appointment with our periodontists to discover your treatment options. An examination will be necessary to determine the extent of the excessive gum tissue and its possible cause.

During this examination, we may need to take dental x-rays and possibly impressions of your teeth and gums which will be used to diagnose the problem and to plan your treatment.

Crown Lengthening Procedure
The good news is that a periodontist is the best person to see for this type of procedure. Quite often, it is impossible to remove minor amounts of gum tissue very quickly, using a crown lengthening procedure that exposes the tooth currently hidden by the gum tissue.

Re-Sculpt the Gum Tissue
We can also surgically re-sculpt the gum tissues and the underlying bone to create more pleasing contours and a naturally appealing smile. The final result should be a more even gum line that exposes the correct amount of tooth structure whenever you smile or laugh.

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