What is a Ridge Augmentation?

We might suggest a ridge augmentation after tooth extraction and before dental implants are inserted. A ridge augmentation helps to replace lost bone and will recreate the natural contours of the jawbone, providing more pleasing results once implant surgery is completed.

The ridge of bone that supports natural teeth is called the alveolar ridge and is made from quite delicate bone. Once a tooth is removed this leaves an empty socket in the ridge. Usually this socket heals on its own and is filled in with new bone and gum tissue, but sometimes the alveolar bone can collapse, is less able to heal or may have been damaged during tooth extraction.

When this occurs the alveolar ridge will lose height and width and it may not be sufficient to support a dental implant. Rebuilding the bone will increase the height and width so implant surgery will be successful and will ensure the final esthetic outcome is the very best it can be.

Ridge Augmentation Procedure

In this technique the bony ridge of alveolar bone is expanded or made wider. This is accomplished by making an opening in the top of the ridge and widening the opening that is packed with graft material.

The dental implant can then be placed once the expanded ridge has fully healed, or it may be possible to insert it at the same time, depending on the amount of expansion required and the type of dental implant being used.

Alternatively a section of bone can be overlaid onto the graft site. In this case the area of bone to be expanded is exposed and measured so a graft can be taken from another site in the body, often the lower jaw or hip.

The bone graft is precisely shaped to fit the prepared site on the alveolar ridge and is secured in place with tiny screws. The graft is then left to heal and fully integrate with the existing bone for several months before the implant is inserted.

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