Tooth Extraction Procedure: What Should I Expect?

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Any dentist will try their best to save a patient’s tooth, but sometimes it just isn’t possible and it is better to have a tooth extraction procedure it and to consider ways to replace it (Read about: Atraumatic Tooth Extraction in Manhattan. This might be the case if you have a failed root canal treatment or where a tooth might have been very badly damaged during an accident or if it is so decayed and infected it cannot be saved.

Tooth Extractions in Manhattan NYC

If you do need a tooth extraction procedure then you can rest assured that D&D Periodontal Associates will make sure the whole procedure is as easy as possible, and it will definitely be pain-free. We take a great deal of care with all our treatments, and we will want to know a bit about your general health before we take out a tooth just in case there is something that could mean you require additional antibiotics before we can proceed.

Tooth Extraction Procedure with Sedation Dentistry

When pulling out a tooth, we will first numb the area using local anesthetic. Tooth extraction in Midtown is actually pretty quick, but sometimes larger teeth, in particular wisdom teeth may need to be cut into several sections to make tooth extraction procedure easier and more comfortable. Once the tooth is out, we will ask you to gently bite down on some gauze until a blood clot begins forming in the empty socket. Sometimes we will place a few stitches to close up the socket completely.

Afterwards it is quite normal to feel slightly sore once the local anesthetic has worn off. You may also wish to choose a softer diet and to avoid hard foods that could get stuck around the extraction site. It doesn’t take very long for the extraction site to heal and it is extremely unlikely that you will have any problems. We know a lot of people are concerned when they have a tooth extracted as to whether they will be left with a gappy smile. This isn’t the case as we can provide you with a temporary tooth or teeth until you can have a more suitable and longer lasting dental implant placement.

Choosing a Suitable Way to Replace Extracted Teeth

There are several ways to replace teeth, including dental bridges and dentures but we particularly like dental implants and may suggest this treatment for you if we feel you are suitable. Although treatment takes a bit longer to complete than other forms of tooth replacement, the results are considerably longer lasting and can be better for your dental health. Dental implants can be good for restoring single or multiple teeth and they are wonderful for people who have had all their teeth removed as implants can restore them using an implant retained denture or with a complete, full arch bridge.

If you are considering dental implants then this is definitely something that we like to know before your tooth extraction procedure. This is because we can fully assess you for implants before tooth removal as sometimes a bone graft procedure is necessary in preparation for dental implants; it might be possible to place the graft at the same time as your tooth is removed. Sometimes it is even possible to place the dental implant at the same time as the tooth extraction, although it will still need time to heal before it can be fully restored with your new implant tooth.