What Are Mini Dental Implant? All You Need to Know

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You might have heard about traditional dental implants surgery and perhaps are even considering them to solve any problems with tooth loss. However another solution that might just be suitable for you is to use mini dental implants. These are narrower in diameter than traditional dental implants and the procedure to place them is less invasive. This is because the mini dental implant can be inserted right through the gum tissue and straight into the bone, eliminating the need for any incisions and stitches during surgery.

The construction of a mini dental implant is also quite different compared to a traditional implant. Unlike a traditional sized dental implant, a mini implant is fabricated in one-piece and it does not have a separate abutment or screw that attaches to the implant post. This integrated design also helps to bring down the cost of mini dental implants (Read more: Dental Implant Cost).

When Should I Consider Having Mini Dental Implant?

This type of implant is most commonly used to secure loose dentures although it may also be a good solution for replacing smaller missing teeth such as those teeth right in the front of the mouth in the lower jaw and where there isn’t enough space for a traditional sized dental implant.

Additionally, sometimes it is possible to immediately load or restore mini dental implants with new teeth rather than waiting a significant period of time for the implants to heal. This may well be the case when you use mini dental implants to secure a loose denture, as the denture will help to secure all the mini dental implants so they cannot move. It is essential that dental implants do not move during the healing process, regardless of whether they are traditional, full sized dental implants or mini dental implants.

Dental Implant to Replace a Single Tooth

When mini dental implants are used to replace a single tooth, it might be possible to restore the implant with a temporary tooth straightaway. It is important to note that this temporary tooth will be fabricated so it is out of occlusion, or that it cannot bite with your opposing teeth which will allow the implant to heal and integrate with the jawbone before the temporary tooth is replaced with a permanent implant tooth that will come into contact with your opposing teeth, allowing you to bite into your food more easily.

Permanent Solution for Tooth Loss with ddperio.com

Everybody situation is quite different and this is something that we will assess very thoroughly when you first visit our Manhattan periodontists at D&D Periodontal Associates: https://www.ddperio.com. By examining your jaws and any natural teeth remaining, we will be able to decide on the best course of treatment for you, whether that is to use mini dental implants or more traditional sized implants.

We will always recommend the solution we know will provide you with long-lasting and reliable results and even this is to use a traditional sized dental implant, then there is no need to worry that you will be left without teeth for months on end while your implant heals. We know this is a concern for many patients but we do provide temporary teeth to be worn during the mini dental implant healing process.