Why Choose a Dental Implant to Replace a Single Tooth

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Lots of people are missing just a single tooth, but even so it’s important to replace any missing tooth in some way as each tooth helps the rest of your natural teeth remain in position and maintains their overall stability. In the past one of the most popular ways to replace a single missing tooth was to use a dental bridge which is supported by crowns on the teeth adjacent to the gap, creating a stable restoration. However these days it’s becoming increasingly common to use a dental implant and there are several reasons why this can be in extremely good choice for replacing a single tooth.


Single Dental Implant Look Amazingly Natural

When you choose to have a single dental implant it will look as though your teeth are completely natural. Whereas a dental bridge will rest on your gums, an implant crown will emerge naturally from your gums, just like a real tooth.


Dental Implants Preserve Your Jawbone

Dental implants do a great job of preserving your jawbone as after natural teeth are extracted, the jawbone begins to reabsorb. Even losing a single tooth can have the effect of destabilizing the adjacent teeth. A dental implant closely replicates a natural tooth root, preventing this from happening and maintaining the mass and density of your jawbone.


Single Dental Implants Preserve Your Adjacent Teeth

Dental implants do not need to be supported by existing teeth so there is no need for any of your remaining natural teeth to be ground down in preparation for a dental bridge. Often dentists have to cut down perfectly healthy teeth in preparation for bridges and this increases the risk of these crowned teeth decaying at a later date, and once that healthy tooth structure is removed it can only ever be artificially replaced. This is why it is best to have dental implants soon after a tooth is extracted, rather than opting for a bridge while perhaps considering implants in the future.


More Cost-Effective in the Longer Term

Although an implant may be a little more expensive initially, in the longer term it can be far more cost-effective, particularly when replacing just a single tooth. This is because all types of restorations need replacing periodically and bridges are no different. Replacing a bridge is much more costly than having to replace just a single crown.

It’s true that the procedure to place a single dental implant can take a little longer than opting for a dental bridge but it’s well worth the few extra weeks. You’ll end up with a beautiful looking tooth that will be fully functional. You’ll be able to bite, chew and smile with complete confidence. A properly planned implant that is placed by someone with extensive experience in implantology has the potential to last for decades or even for life. Dental implants can have a success rate in excess of 95%. They are incredibly stable and the single implants are exceptionally easy to care for as they can simply be brushed and flossed just like a natural tooth. This is an important consideration as excellent oral hygiene will help maintain the health and stability of your dental implant.

Here at DD Periodontics & Implant Dentistry, we have extensive experience in placing all types of dental implants. We evaluate every single patient extremely carefully prior to implant surgery, taking the time to make sure it is absolutely the right choice.