Why You Might Need Gummy Smile Treatment

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A gummy smile is defined by showing too much gum tissue when you smile or talk. This isn’t necessarily unhealthy but may prevent your smile from looking its best and is why many people with this condition will choose that they need gummy smile treatment, a procedure that we can provide at D&D Periodontal Associates to create a more pleasing appearance for your gums.

Why You Might Need Gummy Smile Treatment

There are quite a few reasons why you might need gummy smile treatment and we can assess the exact cause when you visit us for an initial evaluation. To do this we will need to thoroughly examine your mouth and we may wish to take dental x-rays to see the underlying structures including your teeth roots and jawbone.
Sometimes the upper teeth have erupted abnormally so there is too much gum tissue covering up the teeth. Underneath the teeth are likely to be the correct length. Another reason for an excessively gummy smile can be caused by hyperactive facial muscles in your upper lip which mean the lip is being pulled too far up whenever you smile. With some people the upper jaw will be incorrectly developed and there may be excessive bone in the upper jaw just beneath the gum tissue.

How Can a Gummy Smile Be Treated?

It is often pretty straightforward to correct a gummy smile and as periodontists in Midtown NYC this is something we are trained to do in case you need gummy smile treatment. By removing specific amounts of gum tissue, we can expose the teeth while creating a more pleasing outline to your gums so they look prettier and frame your teeth nicely. We plan this type of procedure very carefully and will only remove minimal amounts of gum tissue. We always work on the principle that less is more and if necessary would rather go back and carry out a few simple touchups to get more perfect results than to risk removing too much gum tissue. If required we can also remove small parts of the underlying bone.

Healing Should Be Quick and Uneventful

Afterwards your gums should heal uneventfully and with minimal discomfort. It will be possible to see the results of surgery immediately afterwards but you will need to wait several weeks for your gums to settle down and to fully heal before you can see your beautiful new smile.
Sometimes you may need gummy smile treatment in preparation for crowns or veneers to create a more cosmetically pleasing smile or to lengthen teeth that may be too short for conventional crowns. By crown lengthening the amount of tooth that is exposed in the mouth, we can then crown the tooth successfully, helping to preserve it while restoring its form and function. Even though this is mainly a cosmetic procedure, gum can recontouring can also help improve gum health under some circumstances. Removing excess gum tissue can help reduce the risk of periodontal disease as there is an increased likelihood of pockets forming in the excess tissue and these are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria that cause periodontal disease.